For the past 29 years, the local Celebrate America committee has been adding its own special touch to July 4.  The Celebrate America committee was formed in 1993 to instill community pride and to demonstrate to our young people what the Fourth of July is all about.

Committee Needs

Since its inception, the committee has worked collectively to fulfill that mission.   The committee is made up by folks from all ages and some of the committee members have served since the committee was formed in 1993 and  each one will tell you it is a very rewarding experience.  But like all committees we need volunteers with new and fresh ideas to continue the tradition and make it even better than it is today.  If you are interested in serving on this committee please contact any current member on the contact page.

1993 Grand Marshall

John Mark Stallings

1993 Float

Happy Birthday America

Downtown - Paris, TX

Culbertson Fountain